Anti-Ageing DNA Skin Specialist.
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A bespoke, anti-ageing DNA report of your skin.

Providing a detailed summary of a proposed treatment plan.

£139 per kit

Skin Heath DNA Test Kit

A scientific approach to Skin Anti-Ageing, with 28 genetic markers

A personal DNA skin test, is the ultimate tool in forming a scientific Skin Health Treatment Plan. This enables better control of the ageing process by looking at your unique, genetic make up.

The DNA skin test kit, is the most up to date and comprehensive anti-ageing skin DNA test available. It examines 28 genetic markers and factors that control skin ageing.

A DNA skin test kit, is the most effective way to understand which treatments are best suited, to regenerate and rejuvenate your skin.

Let science, form the basis of your skin health.

Skin Firmness and Elasticity Skin Firmness and Elasticity
Glycation Glycation
Skin Sun Damage and Pigmentation Sun Damage and Pigmentation
Skin Free Radical Damage Free Radical Damage
Skin Sensitivity and Inflammation Sensitivity and Inflammation
  • Advanced medical diagnostic technology for effective Medical Aesthetic Treatments
  • Accurate, DNA reports analyse the activity of 28 key genetic markers
  • Powerful, the first truly evidence based patient medical diagnostic tool to guide targeted anti-ageing treatments
  • Confidence of patients in the value and purpose of treatment programs is increased
  • Optimal combinations of topical formulations and treatments specific to each individual

This site is owned by UK award winning Medical Aesthetic Clinic, Brown's Clinic Ltd. They are the exclusive partner of Easy DNA Ltd, the global leader in diagnostic test kits, with 25 worldwide offices. Brown's Clinic Ltd, provide report reading and advice to patients. Book your consultation now.

All samples are tested in Easy DNA's ISO 17025 accredited laboratory. There is assurance of the highest standards in the industry based on their global accreditation.


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