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Marion Brown has been a Registered Nurse since 1987, having worked in emergency care and acute medicine within the NHS. 

Browns Clinic was set up in 2004, when Marion Brown left Harley Street, in London to work independently. She soon became one of the most experienced and respected Medical Aesthetic Practitioners in the South East.

Awarded, Aesthetic Practitioner of the Year in 2015, by a Kent Business publication, she has been recognised for her artistic eye and has been published and televised.  

Marion Brown actively supports keeping 'Medical Aesthetics Medical', for the safety and well being of the general public. The UK is unfortunately the only country in the world that is unregulated and she wants this to change.

"It is essential, that anyone receiving cosmetic treatments, understands that prompt action in dealing with complications are only carried out by doctors, dentists and nurses, so why risk your well being with a practitioner that has no medical background?" 

She is qualified to prescribe medicine, fully insured and updates herself regularly to maintain her high standards.

Having a keen interest in portrait photography and from a family of portrait artists and published illustrators, Marion feels that her artistic approach has always benefited her patients results.

"I approach each procedure as if I am painting a picture, looking at light and shade"

Marion Provides bespoke treatments with natural results and has maintained a 96% return of clients for further treatments.

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Marion Brown RGN Adv Dip HE iNP

As an award winning Cosmetic Nurse Specialist, Marion is highly respected in her field of practice and is often contacted for advice by other industry professionals.

Marion has appeared on television, within consumer and trade publications and radio. She feels most proud to have interviewed Tony Blair in 2004 regarding patient care on CH5, where she was also able to highlight nurses salaries and was said to have influenced the increase of the minimum wage by the Nursing Times. 

Marion is an advocate of patient safety. She advises all patients to ensure that their practitioner;

  • Is medically qualified and can officially prescribe medicines - Independent Prescribing Nurse or a Doctor who is GMC registered.
  • Is able to discuss health, medication and contraindications to adequately inform about benefits and risks.
  • Are trained to deal with a severe allergic reaction.
  • Are able to recognise potential and serious skin conditions.
  • Treats all patients with the highest confidentiality and does not use their images for promotional purposes without written consent.
  • Does not promote prescription medications as per MHRA rules.